Removals in Bromley

Before you frustrate and stress yourself about how complex, tough and unmanageable your property removal is, why not get in touch with Removals Bromley and let us deal with the situation effectively and affordably!removals-bromley

Our punctual and reliable removal services in Bromley will give you an opportunity to deal with other, more important aspects of the relocation – in the meantime our expert removal teams will have everything wrapped up and ready to go without any hiccups along the way.

Take the guesswork out of moving places – we have plenty of industry experience, professionalism by the bagful, and work with dedication and efficiency on every level of our work! The fact that we employ specially qualified movers in Bromley and work with experienced drivers ensures top notch efficiency and reliability, no matter how tough or complex the job you got for us.

BromleyWe will handle all stages of the BR relocation from start to end, this also includes packing and storage if required. Our industry expertise and technical capacity allow us to deal effectively with all types of domestic removals, commercial removals as well as a bunch of other things you may need from us.

Cost wise, we pride ourselves on having the fairest and most reasonable service prices in the Bromley Borough – after all cost efficiency and affordability are essential to our customers and we are well aware of this. To elaborate further – we provide all customers with free of charge, individually prepared service quotes (without any hidden fees of course), and custom tailored pricing that keeps things fair and square.

Being a specialised Bromley removal company with plenty of experience in the field, we know what’s really important to our customers therefore we:

  • Maintain round the clock customer support;Bromley2
  • Provide specialised removal advisory;
  • Coordinate all stages of each removal;
  • Have extra wide coverage on pickups and deliveries;
  • Maintain a large fleet of specially equipped removal vehicles;
  • Hold full liability insurance;
  • Offer specialised packing and storage service, also fixed schedule deliveries;
  • Arrange for inexpensive and efficient junk removals;

Satisfied Bromley customers shared

  • Shazz K.

    “Believe it or not I had hard time finding a decent company for my packing and storage needs. Either they offered me too high of a price, or their terms were not particularly favourable. Went with your offer as the cost was ok, and you gave me access to my stuff at any time, which was also good. Good service solution, didn’t pay too much, everything was delivered back to my office on time and intact.”


  • Tim C.

    “I absolutely hate moving offices, I find it to be a tremendous hassle which costs me time, money and resources each time, but my business comes first so I had to do it. Chose your office relocation service over other options and I wasn’t wrong – you mover teams did a fine job, everything was packed and secured properly, no damage or loss of equipment. Minimum business downtime – appreciate that.”


Bromley-experienced-moving-teamThese are just some of the benefits of having your removal handled by Removals Bromley. Furthermore, we offer our private and business customers access to versatile and inexpensive van hire service which is suitable for a bunch of different occasions and purposes. Whether you need to shift a single item two blocks down the road, or have to relocate your office to another district – our man with van service is just what you need.

Rich variety of side-services

We are glad that we offer such a wide range of moving services in Bromley. Our vans are perfectly equipped, on top of everything else, for furniture delivery and busiens2business/business2client deliveries. We will be glad to be at your service in any way we can, so do not shy away from getting in touch with us when the occasion for that arises. That’s why we are here – to serve you in the best possible way.

Green waste disposal

Our versatile reliable services would not have been the same if we did not offer a comprehensive set of rubbish removals in Bromley alternatives too. Our collection trucks are eligible for projects of even the largest scale, and the waste management strategies we employ are completely environment friendly.

Your domestic relocation in Bromley will be completed on time, and you are going to receive assistance with every single aspect of the project you might possibly think of. We consider this to be the way a respectable moving company is supposed to operate, and this is why we work in that manner.

While we do the heavy lifting, why not get familiar with the largest of the thirty three London boroughs – Bromley. This admin division of the capital occupies the staggering hundred and fifty three square kilometres. It’s worth noting that most of Bromley’s surface area is within London’s Metropolitan Greenbelt thus making it the most rural of the thirty two boroughs. One of the main geographical features in Bromley is Westerham Heights – the highest elevated point in London with an altitude of two hundred and forty five metres – imagine the view off that!

Also the Prime Meridian crosses Bromley – perhaps this needs no explanation as it is worldwide known. Bromley can be described as a part suburban, part rural district with most of the built up areas in the north of the borough. Some of the most popular tourist and cultural attractions in Bromley are Down House – the home of the naturalist and biology pioneer Charles Darwin, also the site of the famous Crystal Palace – the purpose built venue for the Great London Exhibition of eighteen fifty one. Another geographical feature slash tourist attraction in the district is Chislehurst Caves – the place was first a flint mine, then ammunition storage depot for the army in WWI, and an air raid shelter for local people in WWII.

At the current moment 16 826 people live in the Bromley ward. Even if you have never set foot in the area, you might remember that one of Monthy Python’s most famous sketches – the one of the Spam, placed the Green Midget Cafe namely in Bromley’s town centre.

In addition to everything else, Bromley is officially recognized as being among the most important and active commercial and retail centers of the capital outside Inner London. Prominent features on the local business scene are located on the Bromley High Street and in the former shopping centre The Glades, today known as Intu Bromley, which covers the impressive 43 100 sq meters of commercial and retail space, occupied by shops, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets etc.